Wellcome People Award

The Living Well Oxford project has recently secured a Wellcome People Award (https://wellcome.ac.uk/funding/people-awards).  This grant will enable us to run a “pop-up shop” of activities entitled “Ageing: From Birth and Beyond” in Templars Square Shopping Centre in Cowley for a week in May 2017.

This will be a great opportunity to build on the other Living Well Oxford events and activities we’ve been involved with so far, and to widen our collaborative working.  The aim of the “pop-up shop” is to create an appealing and relevant interactive experience which will reflect input from both the local community and local researchers.  We want to inspire the project participants to share their stories and passion in innovative ways, which will in turn stimulate and engage the public.  We would like the local community to feel connected to Oxford’s research and vice versa.

We will be working with local seldom-heard groups to gather their views on public engagement, and the kinds of opportunities and events which would be of greatest interest and relevance.  We will then feed this learning into the planning of the “pop-up shop”.  We will be working with local researchers, clinicians and charities to create the content of the shop.

The “pop-up shop” is entitled “Ageing: From Birth and Beyond”, and we want to highlight the research in Oxford which is investigating how our bodies change, develop and age at different stages of our lives (not just in our later years), and indicates what measures we can take to look after ourselves.  We want the activities to have a wide appeal, so that anyone passing the “pop-up shop” will be able to find something which is relevant and interesting to them.  The “pop-up shop” will open during Dementia Awareness Week 2017.  There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025.  Dementia an area of extensive research in Oxford, which hosts one of 15 Alzheimer’s Research UK Network centres (https://www.dpag.ox.ac.uk/research/wade-martins-group/oxford-aruk-network-centre), and Oxford Dementia and Ageing Research (OxDARE, http://www.oxdare.ox.ac.uk/home).

As the project progresses we will be posting updates here, so watch this space!

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch through our contact page.




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